This project was funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) research dissemination grant, following their funding of the Typographic Design for Children Project 2000–2005. Further funding was from the HEFCE-funded Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Applied Undergraduate Research Skills and the University of Reading Research Endowment Trust Fund.

The details of the books recorded in the database are taken, in the main, from books held in the Lettering, Printing and Graphic Design Collections in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading and in Sue Walker’s personal collection. We have also used the Renier Collection at the V&A, the British Library main collection, the Parker Collection at Birmingham City Reference Library. I would like to thank the curators and librarians at these institutions for their help and encouragement.

The database, web software and web interfaces were designed and made by Text Matters and I would like to thank Mark Barratt, Ben Weiner and Robert (Jamie) Munro. Data structures have as far as possible been designed around national and international bibliographic technical standards, and the site workflow systems have been designed for future expansion. The site is built on the Zope web application framework and the PostgreSQL relational database. Both are Open Source and platform-portable.

Many people have worked gathering data, scanning images, finding books and providing comments and support. Thank you to Polly Harte, Nicola Robson, Caroline Archer, Alison Duncan, Rebecca Cottrell, Nadja Guggi, Michael Twyman, Paul Luna, Paul Stiff, Linda Reynolds, Martha Barratt, Owen Barratt, Amelia Barratt, students in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at Reading, and members of the Textbook Colloquium.